What is a Callback?

In JavaScript, if we use double equals, we test for loose equality. Type comparison is also performed when using double equals.

100 === '100'
// false (Number v. String)


There are a lot of things you should learn and practice while coding. Some people who get stuck on the resources can be overwhelming, but I have found a couple of resources that you could try Hacker rank, another resource is Project Euler.

Code war is a good practice for coding exercises when you go to these websites try to do the easy exercises first so this should give you a good basis of where your knowledge can be built. It is good to do practice coding exercises and even coding projects.

Having a good schedule that can help you keep track of how and when you practice is a good practice to have. I also have learned that just make it a goal to code one hour a day and build up your time week by week if you have a busy day. However, the other hard part is finding the time you need to replace the fun things that you think with being committed to focusing on the time to put in practice.

For myself I have a busy life and it takes commitment and being determined to wake up at 4:30 or 5:00am Monday -Friday or stay up later to get some study time in Monday-Friday, but still have time to balance out your life so you wont get burnt out. What also worked for me was keeping track of my time. By keeping track of your time you are to keep on your track, but also you can track your process and how you study as well. Looking back on the process will be rewarding.

Keesha Hargrove

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